Bring the Outdoors Inside By Using Twigs to Hang Photos

cozy home

I love being able to add rustic touches in my home whenever possible, and if they’re cheap and simple then that’s just icing on the cake. I wrote a previous article about hanging photos from rope, and this method is very similar (and even cheaper!) 

This project is so simple it really doesn’t even need an explanation. Just find a nice-looking stick, and hang your photos from it. Done!

If it’s a light-enough twig you can hang it with push pins (which is what I did) and then I just hung my drawings with yarn, although twine would also look great.

It’s such a simple project that is basically free, takes less than five minutes to put together and (in my opinion) looks pretty awesome too!


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  1. whatmamamakes says:

    what a lovely idea!!

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