The Easiest, Cheapest DIY Bookcase Ever: No Tools Required!

Bookcase - The Cozy Factor

I have a confession to make: I’m a book hoarder. I spend nearly every weekend scouring thrift stores stocking up on hundreds of books that will take me years to read, but I just can never have enough of them! But I quickly learned that bookcases can be very expensive, so I decided to try to go the DIY route.

Another confession: DIY is not my forte. Scissors, hot glue guns, paintbrushes, these are tools I can handle. Hammers and saws? Not so much. So when I decided I wanted to make a bookcase, most of the DIYs I found online were too complicated. This shelf, though, is as simple as it gets. 

What you’ll need:

–lumber, any size and length you want

–stain, any color you want

–a ton of books

Bookcase - The Cozy Factor

In my apartment, I have a little breakfast bar that’s pretty much useless. It’s only about six inches deep, and it was just wasted space. But I realized that most of my books were about six inches wide, and fit perfectly in that little nook.

So I got two 8 foot, 2×6 inch boards, but you can use whatever size you want to fit your space. I got them at Home Depot, where they were less than $5 each. I then stained them with Minwax Dark Walnut color stain.

From there it was just a matter of stacking books. If you don’t have enough books or don’t want to stack them like this, bricks or cement blocks would also be an inexpensive option.

Bookcase - The Cozy Factor

Some Tips:

  1. Obviously, most of the books used in the columns will be inaccessible unless you want to disassemble the entire bookcase. I used books that I’d either already read or wasn’t planning on reading for awhile, and eventually I’ll take the whole thing down and rearrange them all.
  2. Make sure each stack of books between each board is of equal height. I made this mistake at first, and just eyeballed it to see if they seemed close enough. But they were about an inch off and it made the whole bookcase wobbly.
  3. Hardback books are probably more stable than paperbacks, but I don’t have that many hardbacks so I didn’t have much of a choice. Also, make sure the books you use in the columns are as similar in size as possible, since that will make it sturdier.
  4. I noticed that without a lot of books on the shelves themselves, it was a little wobbly. But after filling the bookcase up it’s now extremely sturdy and not going anywhere.

So that’s it! The whole thing cost about $15 (two boards, stain, and paintbrushes) and I didn’t use any tools at all to build it.


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