Mason Jar Soap Dispensers – How Cute Are These?

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser - The Cozy Factor

Like a lot of people, I have a growing obsession with mason jars. They’re adorable and can be used for dozens of projects, including these charming, cozy soap dispensers. 

Now, I’ll confess that I cheated. This isn’t a DIY. I was actually planning on DIYing them after seeing an awesome tutorial on Pinterest (more on that later), but after a trip to Michaels I saw these cute soap pumps made specifically for mason jars and I was feeling lazy. The pumps were about $5 each, but I managed to get them at 50% off so it was a pretty good deal.

But if you want to go the DIY route, Love Grows Wild has a great step-by-step guide (which you can find here) where she demonstrates two different methods of making the dispensers.

mason jar soap dispenser

No matter how you decide to make (or buy) them, I think the results are absolutely adorable.


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