Add a Rustic Touch (and Avoid Holes in the Wall) By Hanging Pictures With Rope

Hang Photos From Rope - The Cozy Factor

I live in an apartment, which everyone knows can make decorating a challenge. Unless I want to pay a hefty fee and/or get evicted, there are limited options to make my place feel like my own. 

So hanging photos and art helps cover up those bland, beige walls, but 1) picture frames can be dang expensive, and 2) they still leave lots of holes in the walls, which I’ll have to fix later.

Since I love that whole rustic, farmhouse style decor, I decided to get creative and hang some of my artwork from some pretty rope I found at Michaels (about $7, but it’s Michaels, so there are always coupons). I tied a knot at each end, hid a pushpin within each knot, and then hung my drawings from the rope with some yarn.

Hang Photos From Rope - The Cozy Factor

It’s a simple yet unique alternative to using traditional frames, plus it adds a little warmth and a rustic vibe to any room.


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  1. Anita says:

    That’s a great idea! Even for home owners who like to change things up and don’t want a bunch of holes in the wall…

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    1. Thank you! And I agree, holes in the wall are just so annoying to fix, whether you own your home or not.


  2. What a clever idea! I’ve got to think of more to use push pins. I too live in an apartment and it’s tricky to come up with ways to decorate your walls. I’m gonna give washi tape a go this weekend. Fingers crossed.

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    1. Ooh I love washi tape too! Good luck, hope it goes well!

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      1. Thank you ☺️


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